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K. C. noire by felrokker
K. C. noire
To cut a long story short, I drew this for an obnoxious little mustachioed bastard who really likes naming things and screaming where millions can hear him. I had a fun time watching him enjoy/get frustrated over The Evil Within. Also, his motivational videos had a huge - no, I would even say, cosmically revelational - impact on me. (Not the kind of revelation when you recognize the myseries of the universe, but rather that you suddenly start recognizing your own damn bullshit and just facepalm so hard at yourself that it goes through the axis of the earth.) It was a difficult time that eventually came to an end. It's complicated. It got better.

It's strange how the stupidest thing like a video on the internet can give you the kick on the ass that you just needed to gravitate towards the right direction. I felt like in some kind of implicit way, he had a hand or boot in this. A birthday gift just happened to be relevant at that time. So this is what I painted.

I sent it to an email address that he used to use a long time ago, without really expecting that he would see it. I don't think he did. It was a long shot. :D Nevertheless I thought I would make this public after all... hoped that other fans of the game than the Markimoo might also appreciate this. :P

I love how Ruvik dropped by to wave hi.

Drawing this was extremely challenging, as except for a rough initial sketch, it has completely been drawn on the computer, a highly unusual thing of me. I originally wanted to make a full-color digital painting with shading and all. I don't even know where these noir vibes were coming from, but I immediately loved it and went along with the flow instead of my original plans.

Strangely enough, in a way, this picture became my own motivational poster. “Don’t give up that light.” Just this line, completely taken out of context, means a lot to me personally and stands for a lot of things I have experienced and hope to become. Since then, I have been pondering whether or not it is hopelessly egoistic to have your own drawing hung on your wall. Opinions are welcome.

And if you, the one reading this, just somehow happen to be the one, the King, I just wanted to say: Thank you. And don't give up that light.
la belle dame sans merci. by felrokker
la belle dame sans merci.
You wouldn't believe it, I painted this already something like two years ago or more. And damn me, I'm still loving it.

In one of my classes at uni - this super fun art/literature mixed media class with an amazingly inspiring teacher - we had this inside joke about how the dude in this painting is basically wearing cocktail parasols for nipple armor  (our teacher, wiping her tears from laughter, would explain that this armor is actually historically accurate from one era or the other, I will believe her that.)

The same teacher later proceeded to be my thesis advisor, and as a mean of thanks, I painted this for her. I'm telling you, she loved the hell outta this. My younger friends at uni tell me that she still shows this painting to her classes every semester, and it never fails to provoke a burst of laughter.

Though I feel like I've improved a lot in painting since then, this picture is a thing that makes me feel successful in life. :blush:
because it's thriller night! by felrokker
because it's thriller night!
Welp, I guess somebody started playing Wildstar.
I've been worhing on like, 4 pieces of related fanart before this. It's funny that this is the first one I post, but I worked very hard  to complete it for the sake of its topicality.

I try to give you a context here, so that at least Wildstar players can understand-

For some reason (unlike in ESO)  emote parties in Wildstar are extremely rare, but it happened to me once the other day. Someone places a bubbling, gooey activatable cauldron in the middle of Shinding Hollow. Another player, the cauldron-owner and me (all of us are Mordesh) start dancing around it. Said cauldron-owner yells into the zone chat: SPACE ZOMBIE PARTY HERE!!
Since then, I just couldn't get the image out of my head: a flasmob's worth of Mordesh dancing the Thriller. :D
My ulterior motive with this drawing was to get the idea out there, maybe YOU will make it happen at the next cosplay convention. If it's so, I DEMAND that you show me the video!

While working on this, in retrospect I felt a little bit guilty about drawing a "MORDESH ONLY!" party for Halloween. Next time I will draw the Time Warp and it will be totally racially inclusive I never want to draw a picture with more than 3 people on it. Ever again. Composing this was such a pain in the.... everywhere. Especially the wrist and the back.

I would like to thank the amazing Mordies at wildstar-roleplay who posed for me or sent me screenies so that this picture could come to be. Starring, top to bottom:
Dreadlock Queen: Lelith Nox
Intoxicated singing: Tanaya Czernov
Lady Joker: Svetlana Yurovich
The happy-go-builder: Milos Zolavenko, my settler
Has way too much class for this party: Lord Orlok by Yambam Slimjam
In the Moodie Mask: Sanya Liska by Patrician
Cooking at the cauldron: Varya Vasily/Ender by Ender
Respectfully refusing the nuclear juice: Doctor Leskov
Raving with the flames: Tatana Yurvic by Neikala Blooddancer
Showing off some badass claws: Nighren Praxis
Wearing the Angel's locks: Renor Cryso
Saying hello with a gun: [...] by Alyssia Swiftwind
Moonwalking/Basking in the glory of Shades Eve swag: my first character Zurije :D

TL,DR: I just really, really want a bunch of walking glowsticks spontaneously dance the Thriller for me. If you make it happen, don't forget your camera.

HAPPY (only slightly belated) HALLOWEEN!! :pumpkin:
it's not ready yet. by felrokker
it's not ready yet.
Lately I found myself strangely, heartwrenchingly nostalgic for ESO. 
Or is it ESO, really? After the beta tests concluded, I felt pretty disillusioned. It is perhaps an alternative universe that never existed, in which ESO was the legendary game I thought it ought to be, and I could play it together with my boyfriend and all my TES fan friends who ended up being much more disappointed than I was. 
I will not lie: I liked playing ESO. I liked the game, some parts I even loved, but my feelings of joy were mixed with a strong pinch of sadness over a wasted opportunity.

(I've found my old review too, which I wrote about ESO at that time. If you are interested in what I thought, you can read it on Tumblr.)

This was almost one year ago. At this time last year was a happy time in my life. Extremely stressful, indeed, and yet more stable; some things felt more complete. The quality of my life is now better in many ways, and yet I don't feel as competent to fulfill its expectations.  

Maybe it's just a layer of nostalgia that have settled on my glasses, but the truth is: I miss these two motherfuckers. 
(I also had a Dominion character, but he was just created on a rush in the last moment and wasn't very heartfelt.)

So I've heard the ESO cesases to be subscription-based next month... and I really, really feel like I need a getaway. 

You wouldn't believe, but I started working on this in March 2014 or something. I got some invaluable, extremely insightful criticism on this piece that I definitely learned from but I had no willpower to act upon it any longer - I just wanted it to be out of my system. 
Originally it didn't even intend to have a background. I was not happy with this. It irked me at first that it looked like a still from some oldschool Hollywood movie where the ground is prop and the rest of the background is just a poster. Then I realized maybe this had to be some kind of accidental genius, because this is exactly what ESO felt like to me while I playing it. (cf. as a game, fair enough, but not really a world.)

Maybe ironically, the picture that I titled "It's not ready yet" will never really be finished. 
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Hey guys, I hope you've had a very nice holiday with warm teas and lots of Christmas presents and awesome New Year's Eve parties :D :snowflake: How is everyone doing? What are you up to?

I just wanted to write about two important things,

I'm not the kind of person who likes making new year's resolutions, because I don't think this day is more special than any other given day and you don't need a new year to keep a promise, eh? however, this year I made one resolution... and I'm quite serious about it. It is that starting from now, I will upload at least one drawing to Deviantart a week. :D (I allow myself not to fulfill that completely to the extent that there might be pieces of artworks that require more time than a week to finish... I'm probably not going to upload a 4-5 page comic every week, eh) so... by one piece of artwork i mean the equivalent of one A4 sheet, which may or may not be coloured.

I'm very determined on improving my art skills, perhaps more so than ever. Wish me inspiration to keep my promise!

The second thing is that I made a tumblr

:spotlight-left: :spotlight-right:

I use it as sort of an artistic blog, weaved together with some personal stuff. if you are interested in what i draw and paint and stitch, feel free to stalk me. i will post there much more frequently than to my Deviantart page. This page will be reserved for my better creations only.  :strip:

I hope you all have a fantastic 2012 (I sure am very excited about this year!) :boogie: :hug:

:snowflake: :holly: :cake: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :xmas: :rudolph: :xmas: :holly: :snowflake: :holly: :cake: :holly: :snowflake:

My sisters, brothers, daddys and neighbours:



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come one, come all, to the place where I have been uploading my sketchbook doodles for more than 7 years now. In the meantime I lost and almost regained the faith that one day I'll be a comic artist, but I try to keep developing while going to school, handcrafting, doing a bunch of other things, and trying to get along in general.

Current Residence: on tobi's shoulder
Favourite genre of music: KoRn
Favourite photographer: vollie, bellZ, i gotta be honest i dont really know many photographers
Favourite style of art: comics
Operating System: scalpel
MP3 player of choice: my phone at the moment
Shell of choice: seashell

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